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mReady’s First 10 years

Just like in fairy tales, mReady started after one night’s dream: A mobile Ready Romania created by a team of Product, Design & Development experts and visionaries. The wild beginnings Passionate…

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Android Contacts

Introduction In this blog post I will do a quick android phone contacts crash course. After reading this you will be able to: query all contacts from the phone and query additional commonly used information…

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The New Apple iPhone 5

Noul iPhone 5 a fost anuntat oficial Ieri, 12 Septembrie, in cadrul conferintei Apple, a fost anuntata noua gama de produse, printre care si cel mai asteptat smartphone al anului, iPhone 5.…

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iOS 6 si noul sau AppStore

Noua versiune de iOS (iOS 6) a adus cu sine cateva schimbari. Unele bune (insert good stuff here), iar altele mai putin bune (Apple Maps, noul AppStore, etc). Legat de noile harti ale celor de la Apple…

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Customer Discovery

aptamana trecuta, la mReady, am inceput procesul de Customer Discovery. CD este o etapa foarta importanta pentru orice business, pentru ca principalul interes il reprezinta posibilii clientii, cine…

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Apple Special Event

Ieri, 23 Octombrie, a fost o zi speciala pentru fanii companiei Apple. Evenimentul lor avea ca principal scop lansarea noii game de produse printre care si noul iPad Mini, concurentul…

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