Just like in fairy tales, mReady started after one night’s dream: A mobile Ready Romania created by a team of Product, Design & Development experts and visionaries.

The wild beginnings

Passionate about the future of technology our Founding Team started working on their first mobile development company in 2005 in a time when there was no demand in the market and SMS was king. Multiple non-mobile projects and unsuccessful attempts to create a mobile development business later, in 2011 they met their first colleagues which embarked along on the mReady journey.

The first small win came the same year when mReady won the Popularity Prize in a national app development contest.

7 months later and after hundreds of hours spent at meetup and conferences, on a Tuesday evening, the first paid project came in: An Android mobile app for a big brand. It looked like an imposible task: It had to be launched in 3 days and it needed to be written from scratch. The team was formed by only 3 developers. After 3 days & 3 nights the app was developed, tested and successfully deployed. Those were the wild beginnings.

10 years later, in 2022, we are proud that the products we contributed to have over 500k unique daily users and we have a positive impact in their lives. Over 90% of mobile app users in Romania use at least one mobile application that was crafted by our team of experts.

Over the years we helped both startups & established brands, activating in industries like Energy, Utilities, Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail & Mobility. A short list of companies that trust us is formed by Engie Romania, Apa Nova Bucuresti, 7card, Pluria, MUZAL, Antena TV Group, Wurth Romania, KPMG Romania, BRD, Coca Cola, KFC, FashionDays, Vodafone, Orange, Point Pickup, Greenpeace Romania, WWF, Tarom, Paul, Take Five Coffee, How To Web.

Giving back

In 2018 we kick-started our yearly CSR Hackathon. Each year we pick an NGO that needs a software solution to scale & impact the lives of more people but does not have the funds needed to build it. During the last 2 working days before Christmas, the whole team works on delivering an MVP product. Asociatia Magic is one NGO that we helped by creating the MagicHelp & MagicHands platforms which have a network of sponsors & volunteers that support families of children with oncological affections. 

In 2020, after the Covid pandemic started and patients were struggling to find certain medication, we created in one weekend the Reteaua (The Network) app that helped pharmacists direct customers to locations where their needed medication was available.

We have always encouraged people growing and we have constantly supported Android & iOS fans. Since 2012 we have held yearly internship programmes, creating a network of over 35 Alumni which we enjoy meeting up with. In 2021, we had over 700 internship applicants, 32 of them participated in our pre-internship Hackathon and 6 of them have spent their summer among the team.

One team

The team always comes first. None of our achievements would have been possible if it weren’t for the amazing people we met along the way, both the ones that we are currently working along and our extended network of Alumni (former interns & colleagues) that are currently working at companies like Facebook, Google, Fitbit, Revolut & others.

In a landscape of tasked based outsourcing development companies, we are a product focused team that helps innovative startup founders & enterprises launch their mobile Ready apps. We nurture a Growth mindset culture, based on autonomy and a safe environment where you can follow your boldest ideas & iniatives.

Our main responsibility as a company is to maintain the same environment that enables our team members to shine & grow their natural skillset while having a positive impact on the world we all live in.

10 years later

Today we have reached our dream: An mReady app on each mobile phone in Romania. But our journey continues: We have the knowledge, the experience and the courage to embark on a bigger, greater mission:

Create the biggest mobile product development Hub in Europe which reunites the most passionate developers, designers, leaders and visionaries for making the world a better place one app at a time.

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