Calling all startup founders

How would you like our team to create you a product strategy that helps you to build a successful, user-oriented mobile app, in less than 3 weeks?

Watch this video to find a few things
that you need to consider before building your app

In the video you’ll find:


The main challenges holding you back

We will take you through the core challenges that startups tend be suffering from, and why they occur

hidden problem

The hidden problem that you haven’t seen yet

We will run through some of those secret challenges that are lying beneath the surface, often undetected


The path to the next level of success

Then we’ll show you a route to success, including some life examples of similar businesses that are now thriving.


How to move forward from here

Finally, we’ll go over the next steps for you to take, which will take you back on the path to a successful mobile product

Let’s talk about your product

World-changing companies we worked with

The path to success

Sky is the limit when you have a strong & dedicated product team, a clear purpose and a top notch process. Always having users’ interest in mind gets your mobile app one step closer to success’


Business Model Analysis

An in-depth analysis of the business model, of the problem and of the users is needed before every project starts.


Engineering your solution

User-Stories, Mind Maps, Wireframes and Mockups has to be built in order to get a feeling of the mobile app user-flows and features.


Android & iOS App Development

For stability and easier scalability, we develop our Android & iOS apps natively for each platform.


No edge-case left to chance

Before lauching to the App Store & Google Play Store, the app is tested so there is no edge-case left unaddressed.

Pluria – Case study

Pluria Mobile App - Bookings

Pluria is an Office as a Service platform that enables teams & companies to easily book desks, meeting rooms and private offices in a global network of Coworking Spaces. The platform is build for both web and mobile Android & iOS platforms.


Alongside Pluria founders we have engineered and developed the Discovery & Booking Mobile App and the Workspace Management Platform. These tools facilitate meeting need & demand for workspaces and remote workers.

Through the app employees can work from anywhere, depending on their wish: work from home, from the company’s office or from flexible distraction-free spaces when they want a change. They can reconnect with their colleagues and get to meet new people, boost their creativity, motivation and focus.

With this solution teams from different countries like Romania, Spain, Portugal or Columbia are given a chance to self-organize freely within the ecosystem.


In less than 1 year Pluria has grown its coworking space network to 200+ places worldwide and has expanded its operations in 5 countries across 2 continents.

Don’t know where to start ?

You have a great product idea, an amazing marketing & business development team but you don’t know where to start when it comes to building your app. Maybe you don’t have the development team or maybe your team doesn’t have any user experience design skills.

One thing we can tell you for certain, if you don’t have an experienced team, your time-to-market will be very long and there will be a lot of time wasted trying to build the right app, fix bugs, crashes or performance issues.

Finally, there will be a lot of money invested into a mediocre product and users’ feedback will consist mostly of bugs and crashes, rather than features add-ons or usability improvements.

Bad user experience

Another problem that startup founders have when they start building their product is that they don’t know how a good app looks like. What are the best mobile app practices? How complex is the solution and how this complexity can affect the business in the long run? What makes users happy, solves their problem and make them come back?

Questions like this create successful mobile products. On the other hand, if this is not done well, the business can have massive problems.

Users will uninstall the app quickly because they don’t understand how the app works

Bad reviews form frustrated users. Maybe because they experienced bugs, crashes or because they don’t see the utility of the app.

Lost investment opportunities because you don’t have a good enough development and design team. Your investors can also lose their interest because they don’t see you app user friendly.

Let’s talk about your product

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