MUZAL - iOS & Android Mobile App

In a world where new music releases every month, the need for an organized and easy way to discover songs based on preferences is growing fast.

How can we create a quick and seamless music discovery process, based on users’ moods and music genres preferences?

Services & Deliverables

  • Product Analysis & Strategy
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development


  • iOS 
  • Android

Key Features

  • Sync with YouTube & Spotify
  • Playlist management


  • Swift & RX Swift
  • Kotlin
MUZAL - iOS & Android Mobile App

The Solution

Alongside the MUZAL team, we developed a native iOS & Android mobile app that lets users create & organize their own playlists, by discovering new music based on their genre preferences. The main feature of the product is the “Swipe for Music”, which by the swipe of a finger, lets users choose whether a song is worthy for the selected playlist or not.

The app’s playlists are also synced with YouTube & Spotify. When a playlist within the app is updated, the changes are reflect in your Spotify & YouTube account as well. MUZAL is becoming a powerful tool to discover new music and listen to favorite playlists on your preferred platform.

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