Forest Guardians

Greenpeace is an independent international organization, with offices in over 55 countries worldwide they proactively take actions to improve behaviours and attitudes regarding the protection & conservation of the surrounding world.

Discourage illegal logging of Romania’s virgin woods while involving the entire community of volunteers and the entire public

Services & Deliverables

  • Product Analysis & Strategy Advisory
  • Product UX & UI Design
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development


  • Android
  • iOS

Key Features

  • Map with Satellite View of Romanian Forrests
  • Reporting illegal logging & deforrestation
  • Track legal documentation for wood transportations


  • Kotlin
  • Swift

The Solution

We created a gamification experience inside a mobile app for reporting deforestation visible on satellite images. Based on users’ reports, investigations are started and oficial complaints are filed to national authorities.

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