Picstars is a platform that matches brands with influencers, who have a large personal reach on social media. It is a tool for the advertising campaigns to reach even more people.

How to add branding on the social media shared photos and get statistics of the campaign impact?

Services Provided

  • App UX Design
  • App UI Design
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Project Management

Created For

  • Android Smartphone
  • iPhone

Key Features

  • Posting images and videos to social media with ease
  • Branding images and videos with sponsors / campaigns
  • Seeing statistics for the shared content and earn money

Technologies Used

  • Image processing to add overlays with brands
  • Video processing to add overlays with brands
  • Social media integration to easy share on facebook, twitter and instagram

The Solution

To find an easy way to put in contact brands who want to promote themselves with the influencers, who can help with that, Picstars have envisioned a platform. Inside the mobile app, a person can add branding on photos and videos, that are then shared on social media. The platform allows to measure the impact of a campaign through the data / statistics it collects.
It was interesting for us to learn about a new growing market niche, that of the online influencers.
The main challenges of working on this project were the photo and video processing while adding the branding.
The app allows users to post images and videos to social media platforms, after branding them with sponsors' logos or campaigns. The client can track the number of reaches and interactions for each shared item, for an easy overview of the campaign impact.

What We've Learned

It was the first big project in which we had to use image and video processing technology on mobile. We got to make an SDK, that could be further embedded into other mobile apps, that also included the image composition capabilities. It was useful to learn about SDK requirements and the challenges it has with supporting many other configurations.


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