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How do we help business owners to stay up to date in an ever changing legal tax landscape, especially if they have no legal background?
How does helping other businesses help KPMG Romania get new clients?

Services Provided

  • App UX Design
  • App UI Design
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Project Management

Created For

  • Android Smartphone
  • Android Tablet
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Key Features

  • Tax calendar
  • Tax reminders
  • Access to KPMG news & documents

Technologies Used

KPMG Romania - Tax Express

The Solution

We help business owners navigate the legal and tax landscape in Romania by providing an app that, on the surface level, provides them with a tax calendar that is customized to their business. We’ve created a schedule that is constantly updated by KPMG and that let’s users know exactly what they have to pay, where they have to pay it and by what date.
In addition to this, we’re also providing key insights in the form of short articles and whitepapers from KPMG.
If at any point, users become overwhelmed by the convoluted legal system, we also provide the option to contact a KPMG representative who would always be happy to help them out by providing even more customized accounting and tax information.

KPMG Romania - Tax Express

What We've Learned

What made us want to get involved in this project was the chance to help the little guy, small companies just like ours at the time, to give them time to focus on the things they really wanted to do and are good at, rather than trying to figure out what their financial obligations are.


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