iGroove is a music provider that focuses on the local indie music from Deutschland, Switzerland and Austria and allows users to buy and listen to it without needing a credit card or account.

How to get mobile users to consume music content in a hassle free way, without loosing the flexibility of the SMS buying flow.

Services Provided

  • App UX Design
  • App UI Design
  • iOS Development
  • Project Management

Created For

  • iPhone

Key Features

  • Download music from social media links or SMS
  • Library management of your own music
  • Full music player

Technologies Used

  • Deep linking to provide SMS and social media download link integration
  • Media player
iGroove App

The Solution

To enable users to listen to music from iGroove on their mobile devices, we have created a music player from scratch. It was a complex project, because the music had to be downloaded from special links, which made the discovery and integration processes more tricky.
One of the main challenges of this project was to cut down the features list to a MVP. This had to be done in order to improve the mobile experience of the user. Doing a lot of research on the available music players on the market, their common components and the users’ needs, was also helpful.
The player allows to download music from different social media or web links and to play the available music from the library.

What We've Learned

Listening to music is a very personal experience that needs to be addressed realy carefully. Creating a fully developed music player is a lot of work and every little details of the experience matters for the users.


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