ENGIE is a global energy player and an expert operator in the three businesses of electricity, natural gas and energy services.

How do we keep Engie clients up to date on their account info and provide them with a way of paying their bills wherever they are?
What other services do clients need that integrate with Engie’s new digital-focused direction?

Services Provided

  • App UX Design
  • App UI Design
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • Project Management

Created For

  • Android Smartphone
  • Android Tablet
  • iPhone
  • iPad

Key Features

  • Access to bills & total amount due
  • Index update
  • Paypoint locator
  • Emergency contact options

Technologies Used

  • Push notifications with advanced scenarios: index, billing, emergencies
  • Mobile payment integration
  • Map clustering using google maps
  • SAP integration
Engie Mobile

The Solution

To help Engie clients stay updated on their utility info, we created an app that allows them to quickly see their billing details as well as invoices directly on their smartphone and tablet. It also provides a way of paying the bill for these services on the fly, wherever they are.
The solution accommodates both small and large clients, with multiple billing locations for both gas and electric utilities.
Another key feature is the option to track and update the energy index without having to call each month or having someone come by the house to read the meters.
In addition, it also provides information about Engie services, client service centers and useful contacts in case of an emergency.

Engie Mobile

What We've Learned

Working on this app was a great opportunity to bring one of the major energy players from Romania into the world of mobile services.
It can sometimes be a challenge to work with a large corporation and this was a great opportunity for us to learn more about managing projects for very large companies. As a result, we improved our project planning, tracking and progress communication skills and it also cemented our belief that there’s always something new to learn, no matter how experienced you are.


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