Andrei Rosu is a Romanian public figure who has turned into a running coach, with an interesting background story: he resigned from the corporate company life, being inspired by his kid, totally changed his life to become one of the greatest Romanian runners. At this moment he is competing in many world running competitions, ranging from marathons to ironman, and more.

How to help runners that follow the 42kRosu plan to track and measure their programme and to have access to real time statistics for their training sessions?

Services Provided

  • App UX Design
  • App UI Design
  • iOS Development
  • Project Management

Created For

  • iPhone

Key Features

  • Training session view to see all exercises for the current day
  • Plan overview to see progress and tutorials

Technologies Used

  • Tracking distance and steps per session
  • Metronome to help runners keep their pace
42kRosu App

The Solution

The mobile app was developed to enable runners to plan and measure their training sessions, by accessing a detailed screen, with the results from each session. To encourage people to get through the exercising, iStyle gives discounts’ vouchers for those who will complete certain amount of weeks from the training plan.
Is was a complex project to work on, considering the fitness tracking component and all the challenges that it encompases. One of the main challenges we had to overcome was to make the app as easy to use as possible, by getting all the features to fit together in an intuitive way. The UX and UI components have required a lot of iterations and user testing before being accepted for development.
The core feature of the app is the training session mode, in which the user can see all the exercises for the day, the length and intensity for each of them. Each of the sessions has a stats screen that needs to be validated if the person has reached the daily goals and what is required for them to improve.
The app also offers an overview of the entire running plan, that is splitted into weeks, there the user can see their progress, what lies ahead in the future, and also a motivational weekly training video lesson from the trainer.

What We've Learned

For the testing part of the app we had to actually get out and exercise. It was fun to learn about each of our own running abilities. An important lesson to take away from this project is that in order for an app to be successful, we have to keep the complexity of a mobile app very low.


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