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1. Your Idea

We treat your idea as one of our own: we believe in it, we constantly evolve it and we consider finished only when the result exceeds our expectations… and we’ always keep our expectations high!

mready project step, puzzle piece, idea

2. Our Process

From experience we’ve discovered that an app requires more than time. We imbue your idea with our app UX know-how, beautiful graphic design, highly efficient development and proven market knowledge so it may truly come to life and you can rejoice at the results.

mready project step, puzzle piece, idea

3. Finished App

We don’t simply deliver an app. We deliver an experience! You’ll always have a helpful team right beside you, whether it’s maintenance, a new marketing campaign or, perhaps, the next idea you want to make “mobile ready”

Whether it’s Android or iPhone, we look forward to translating your idea into the best possible app!

A little something


the people who are “mobile ready”

Hi, We’re mReady!

mReady is an app development company for the Android and iOS operating systems. We have over 9 years of experience in the app development and design field and we love tech novelty. We offer design and development services for Android apps, iPhone Apps and mobile websites.

Most importantly however, we offer the consultancy every client needs to succeed in a mobile app world.

Through mobile apps we help our clients keep their businesses one step ahead of the competition. Our apps are built around our partners’ needs, bringing any business closer to the clients than ever before.

Andrei Costescu

Andrei Costescu

CEO, General Manager

Valentin Iorgu

Valentin Iorgu

Lead Developer

Bogdan Dumitrescu

Bogdan Dumitrescu

Project Manager, Lead Developer

Madalin Craciun

Madalin Craciun

UX Designer

Andrei Vasilescu

Andrei Vasilescu


Eduard Vasilache

Eduard Vasilache


Cistina Juc

Cristina Juc

Product Manager

Andrei Vasilescu

Bogdan Olariu

UI Designer

Dragos Sassu

Dragos Sassu


Bogdan Mihai

Bogdan Mihai


Florina Stan

Florina Stan

Office Manager

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we open as many doors as possible

We Organize Talks

Every week we take the time to share what we’ve discovered and achieved or about recent developments in the mobile app field.

This helps keep us excited, up to date and fully functional as a cohesive app development team.

We Go to Meetups

Lumea SEO PPC - Mobile Marketing

With Andrei Costescu acting as host and moderator of the entire event and Madalin Craciun talking about The Second Screen Experiences behind The Walking Dead, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and our experience with the X Factor Romania app.

TechHub - UX Best Practices for Startups

Our designer, Madalin Craciun, got to talk about the most important practices in the field of UX alongside Vitaly Golomb, Lucian Maxim and Gabi Lungu.

TechHub Meetup - User Acquisition in Mobile Apps

Our CEO, Andrei Costescu, got to moderate a talk about what motivates people to download and use apps with Sergiu Biris, Sorin Manica, Andrei Marinescu and Andrei Blaj as speakers.

We Speak at Conferences

Programatica Mobile

Programatica puts mobile app developers and their communities face to face so as to better understand the different platforms available and which may best suit their needs. It’s a mishmash of experiences, news and ideas related to the mobile app world.


The conference places innovators, overachievers and dream seekers front and center so they may share their stories. Over time it has come to award the most innovative and creative social media projects and companies in Romania.


The largest B2B expo-conference dedicated to online, mobile and software advantage. Talks about the best business practices from over 30 international speakers discussing more than 100 case studies.

We Offer Internships

Every summer we offer students the chance to get paid, hands on experience with app development.

We Support Talks

Lumea SEO PPC came into being with the explicit purpose to get as much value out of your online or mobile business as possible. Discussions generally center around the topics of “search engine optimization” and the “pay per click” revenue model.

The networking scene also adds a great deal to the whole event as well.

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